Our tools for optimal solutions

ALSFORM is mastering a series of operations enabling us to perform very different tasks for our custumers. These tasks often require a variety of processes. With all processes under one roof, we ensure a short production time and an extremely low error rate.

We are mastering complex technical tasks

Alsform is an allround tool manufacturer, and we are able to perform very different tasks with a wide range of processes. In some special areas we have special competences, which enables us to perform complex technical tasks with very high quality.
  • Hard Metal machinering
  • 3D – 5 akset machinering
  • CNC-contour & profile grinding
  • Asymmetric round grinding
  • Precision grinding
  • Full Cut Profile grinding
  • CNC-Coordinate grinding
  • Powder Compaction Tools
  • Segment built punching tools
  • Cutting & Punching tools for Tinplate packaging
  • Grinding of Splines
  • CNC-internal contour grinding
  • Tool parts for cold flow
  • Laser Engraving