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You are always welcome

Should it happen that we do not have any open job positions, you are always welcome to apply unsolicited with us, as we e.g. often need new apprentices.

A workplace with positive challenges

ALSFORM is a modern factory producing tools with high ambitions of best quality products under conditions of an equally high technological level. We have specialized in producing quality tools for industrial plants both in Denmark and abroad.

Precision and meticulousness is the foundation for all the tasks that we execute. We have specialized in technically advanced tasks and we master all the processing types, which the individual assignment requires.

Expect an exciting work day
Our employees master a number of work processes, which enables us to execute a wide row of tasks for our customers. The various assignments often require a number of different preparations and processing’s.

As an apprentice you will be included in all processes – our common and shared goal is that you will be as capable as possible

Beat your coworker at the Go-cart track
The biggest assignment for our staff social club is to assure that we also meet outside the factory halls and the offices to socialize – and get to know each other even better. Various trips and arrangements are arranged during the year. Suggestions are always welcome.

Expectations for you as a colleague

  • Attend work regularly
  • Motivated
  • Persistent
  • Quality conscious

We educate industrial technicians and with us you will be included in all processes – our aim is that you will become as capable as at all possible.

ALSFORM har ingen aktive stillingsopslag i øjeblikket.

Du er altid velkommen til søge uopfordret hos os, da vi ofte har brug for nye lærlinge.